Our mission is to create a unique and accessible playground in the Cheyenne community that will provide opportunities to experience the power of inclusive play and friendships for people of all ages and all abilities.  

Why A Universally Accessible Playground?


…being the child who is always relegated to the sidelines of the playground fun because of a disability and many of the play features just aren’t accessible or there simply aren’t many of them

…being a disabled parent or grandparent who cannot accompany a child to the playground to enjoy the fun or supervise

…being an able-bodied sibling who can’t play at the playground with a disabled brother or sister

…being the family who has to go to multiple playgrounds to accommodate the varying abilities of the family members

Accessible playground example videos.

Palo Alto Magical Bridge

Silver Summit All-Abilities Playground

It’s not fun for those that cannot play not to mention socially awkward.   Able and disable bodied people need to interact, this changes social possibilities when everyone can join in.   Relationships, understanding, and empathy can be created by inclusive play opportunities.  Unfortunately, many a disabled child is left out of the majority of play activities thus denying them access to social circles and the benefits of play.  Let’s change that! Children need to do what children do best, PLAY! This project is to construct an inclusive, all abilities, universally accessible, inter-generational playground to foster a culture of diversity, education, collaboration, and respect among all users.  The project will be constructed within the existing Cahill Park that already has in place ADA compliant support facilities such as restrooms, parking, and pathway access.

What is the vision for this universally accessible playground?

  • Creation of an inspirational play environment that serves the physical, social, sensory, cognitive and emotional needs of children of all abilities
  • Create an environment of understanding, acceptance and the building of common ground between children of all abilities.
  • Creation of a universally accessible and sensory-rich play environment that meets the needs and abilities of all users.
  • Promote playground exploration and historical education of the surrounding area.
  • Work with the Laramie County Library to provide an extension of the library’s goals, values and to encourage learning and adventure through the site.
  • Possible site features to include:
    • Poured-in-place rubber surfacing throughout the playground to allow for easy and safe ADA accessibility.
    • Ramp accessible playground structures including a bridge to an iconic large multi-level playground structure with overlook.
    • Overall themed environment while integrating interactive early literacy educational elements and spaces throughout the playground site.
    • Looped trail with educational themed seating areas
    • Open plazas with shade structures, tables and seating for social gatherings.
    • Hillside slide from overlook to playground
    • Adult fitness areas and equipment
    • Primary age focused outdoor classroom
  • NOTE:  All specific playground equipment to be selected during the detailed design process

You Can Help

An all abilities playground such as this promotes disability awareness, giving everyone an understanding of how we each are different yet how much we are alike and breaks down barriers.  This play ground can provide a sense of belonging and foster friendships through positive play interaction.  Disabilities, as we know, can come in many forms; physical, sensory, communication, social-emotional, and cognitive and are widespread.  And we know, EVERYONE deserves quality play experiences.

The entire project concept as proposed in the Master Plan is estimated at $800,000 to $1,000,000 to build.  This project may have to be built in phases as fundraising efforts continue and funding becomes available.

Please make a gift to your community by donating to this all abilities playground that will allow children, parents, and grandparents alike, regardless of ability, to play together.  This is so much more than simply fund raising.  It’s about the thousands of families who will play, laugh and interact here.  It’s about investing in the quality of our community and making a statement about our values.  We call upon you for your support.  This is a one-time fundraising project.  Once the construction is complete, this fundraising event will conclude.

Funding opportunities may include title sponsorships of the playground or areas.  For more information about these opportunities, contact Teresa Moore, tmoore@cheyennecity.org, 307.638.4375

The City of Cheyenne will own and be responsible for the long term operation and maintenance of this playground and the surrounding Cahill Park.


We appreciate and need the help of everyone’s gift, no matter the size.  Businesses, industries, families, individuals can donate to the cause:

Through our Go Fund Me site

Directly to the City of Cheyenne:

Contact Teresa Moore, Parks and Recreation Planner



Donations will be deposited by the City Treasurer into a dedicated project account. Check with your accountant for tax deduction implications.


If your donation needs to be made to a non-profit:

Contact Monica Puente, Chair, Friendship Playground Fund



Donations to this fund will go through a non-profit agency and will then be submitted to the City of Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department for project construction at the conclusion of the fundraising period.  Check with your accountant for tax deduction implications.


You will be thanked and gratified by the numbers of children and their families when you see their enthusiasm and smiles while playing together, FINALLY!